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Why Waypoint?

So you are asking yourself why to choose Waypoint for charter in Croatia? We will give you just 10 main reasons….

01. We are yacht charter professionals with over 20 years of expirience.
02. All boats in our fleet are in the ownership of Waypoint or in our own charter management.
03. We have bases in Trogir and Dubrovnik, perfect for one way route and best chance to explore islands across Adriatic sea.
04. Waypoint has its own maintenance of sailing boats and catamarans in both bases, that means even oldest ships are in perfect sailing condition.
05. During season you will get 24/7 support in case of emergency.
06. We are giving our loyal guest best discounts and offers with our loyality program.
07. We are offering safe and secure payments via bank transfer, credit cards or debit cards.
08. We have free Wi-Fi internet connection on all boats in our fleet.
09. We are constantly imropving our offer because we are listening what our guest want in our offer.
10. No security deposit? No problem, we improved our offer with safety charter pack and that means – no security deposit to pay in the base.


That is just 10 main reasons why you should choose Waypoint for Yacht charter in Croatia, if you want more reasons to choose best option for Your sailing holiday in Croatia then contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.

Your Waypoint Team


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